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Tuesday, February 13, 2018


The 6 Chapters of this book paint globalization as more than trade, economics: It Is actually Civic Engagement, And Civil Society's interoperability that keep responsible government running smoothly.

It is therefore crucial that we discus in a rational manner various aspects, and effects of 'Decentralized Globalization' and direct voting. Blockchain technology is the answer to all the past mistakes and Russian hacking into our electoral system.

LOS ANGELES - After the fall of the Berlin Wall in Europe, Dr. Olga Magdalena Lazin was enchanted by the complexities of the globalization process and wanted to overcome ridiculous myth and propaganda that distract people from understanding the multifaceted aspects of globalism and regionalism vs old-fashioned nationalism. My thesis "Decentralized Globalization", is a far cry from other globalization literature in that it concentrates on the significant role that the Interplay between civic engagement and civil government play in the process of balancing out the negative and positive sides of globalization. 

"Decentralized Globalization" provides a fresh, multi-dimensional viewpoint on globalization. Blockchain technology fits in perfectly with its multiple benefits. One of these benefits are in protecting political refugees coming into the U.S. And the European Union. 

We all need a trustworthy authentication system, like House Title security, Land-titles, and direct voting, as well as cyber-security, this is why all transparent voting should also be on Blockchain.

From this angle it is unlike other globalization literature, which tends to be written either in favor or against globalization, or highlight cross-border issues such as economic dislocation, the spread of pandemic disease, cultural assimilation, rapid decrease in transportation times, immigration, or the growth of drug-trafficking and crime cartels. My strong belief  is that civil society should act as a check on executive powers in all countries, to counteract nationalistic representatives authorized to do so.
Now we can now shake off the narrow views on globalization by better studying the statistical data enclosed and the facts. Her book then aids them in further understanding by explaining the anti-globalization movement. It is based on the premise that globalization is more than trade and economics.

"Decentralized Globalization" my thesis cites analysis and data proving the effectiveness of all Free Trade Agreements, especially NAFTA, The North American Free Trade Agreement. It has done a world of good. California is perfectly intertwined with the Mexican economy; the balance struck being a perfect model for the rest of the World. The race for Free Trade agreements and elimination of tariff has started long time ago with the creation of the EU, and it works.

Civic engagement and networking civil society keeps the government honest and clamors to take into account the non-governmental interest groups. E.g. to reform Constitutions. 

Too many countries will need to change from their judicial systems, from "guilty until proven innocent to " innocent until proven guilty", which should be the norm in the twenty-first Century.

A very well written and wide-ranging study, founded on reading of staggering breadth and depth strikingly up to date, the author advocates implementing interoperability of governments with Blockchain technology.     DrOlgaLazin:

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