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Monday, September 11, 2017

TRANSFORMS YOUR LIFE AND OTHERS, I want to help Health Coaches & Nutritionists

Going through Bio-chemistry, Why EOs Work: uses in reflexology and Touch Therapy, and Emotional HEALING: Eos can help people better forgive others! we get into special demographics. How to use them in pets: Probiotics and oils.Looking at the medical research and science. give you reference guides, and large PDFs, and study guides.

1. TURMERIC OIL:  STEM CELLS are crucial to regeneration.For JOINT and tissue repair. Torn knees.
Helps with depression.

2. FRANKINCENSE OILS: 1. ferenna most powerful for fighting cancer.
Alfa painin reducs INFLAMATION IN THE BRAIN; Goood for spiritual awareness., consciousness.
used in the Bible for Clear Thinking, and helps sleep better.

b. Boswellia carteri
c. sacra Frankincense. from INDIA.

3. HOLY BASIL AKA TULSI (an adaptogen) along with TURMERIC vs Cortisol, aging hormone.
has eugenol compound supports the nervous system & hormones.
There is a human study and it can be used internally. Is effective.
Inhibits mersa & e-coli.

4. Peppermint OIL (compound menthol & menthone) helps with IBS. It calms headaches. Has cooling and numbing properties; it boosts your energy, and helps CLARITY AND SUPPORTS MEMORY!

5.CLARY SAGE is the KING of EOS when it comes to hormonal balance.
It can help with PCOS (ovary syndrome) can help balance out progesterone and Estrogen. Plus chamomile alleviates pain during labour (birth.) 

Lowers blood pressure.

6. GINGER is #1 for the Immune SYSTEM: zingerbrain compund is apowerful antiinflamatory in nature ( ends in is about inflammation)
When inhaled has an ANALGEZIC EFFECT (10 times).

If chronic pain, it b locks the pain) mix it with food, for DIGEstIVE PROBLEMS.
For cold & FLUE, it WARMS the BODY.
c. for candida.

7. LAVENDER EO, helps reduce anxiety.
I chose 2 studies. #1 animal study, protects the LIVER< PANCREAS AND KIDNEYS (good for diabetes).
IMPROVES Alzheimer symptoms. relieves INSOMNIA.
80mg a day (in INTERNAL USE) it was shown to reduce PTSD. EOS are proven through medical science.

do bot ignore QUALITY! should be certified organic, so it is chemical free.
SHOULD BE the very least FOOD GRADE
- are harvested at the right time.
proper leaf-cutting techniques
-wild blue  berries.
They are GSM S level (therapeutic, high quality grade).
TO BE  AWARE OF: We need to know more about client's health goals.

EOs NOT safe for everyone: e.g., multiple sensitivity disorder
NOT safe during pregnancy.
EOs are NOT SAFE for everyone

Use daily Ginger Tea and chicken broth, so you can warm the body, you will never get a cold.

It energizes the ovaries and male organs for the prostate.

How to Make specific Adrenal, Autoimmune Blends.

I will teach you how to become a great communicator & speaker. and Go It Your Own Pace! &1997.00

Special Guests Experts.
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