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Saturday, July 22, 2017

LOGIN WITH AMAZON And GET Your Essential Oil Blends from Dr OLGA Essential Oils - Home - Amazon

Dear Customers, you can now log into my Store in Amazon, Dr Olga Essential Oils.

Best Healing Essential Oils Blends from Dr OLga Essential Oils, click here:

Heal yourself with Essential Oils, and Essential Oils Blends:

  Unwind Stress Relief Blend...

 $17.99   Plus Tax.,  0.50 ml of 100% pure organic oils

Slumber Rest and Recovery   $17.95,   0.50ML for low-thyroid; energizer.

Inhale Respiratory Blend By Ovvio...
  $18.99   Plus tax.,  0.50ml pure organic Oil Blend.

 Ease Headache and Migraine...


$49.95 100ML, or  $17.95    0.50ML Bottle.

Ovvio Oils Strength Plus Immune...
$17.00, 0.50ML.

Efficiency 100% guaranteed, Copyrighted by Dr Olga Lazin, 2017
Home - Amazon:
HOW TO SELL ON AMAZON : "Sell on Amazon" from product detail pages
From the product detail page, click the "Sell on Amazon" button to add an offer to the same product that already exists in the Amazon catalog. All you're require to enter is price, quantity and condition (new or used) and save your updates. Your offer will show up on Amazon and on your Manage Inventory page within 15 minutes.
“Add a Product” within Seller Central
The Add a Product experience also allows you to match to an existing product listing on Amazon. If you have a new product listing that isn’t already on Amazon, you can create a new product detail page. Add a Product is designed for adding a small number of products one at a time. To get started, click on “Add a Product” under the Inventory tab in Seller Central.
Variations are created through parent/child relationships
Let’s say you sell a pair of shoes in 7 different colors and 9 different sizes resulting in 63 different products. The base shoe product without the variation information (e.g., “Polo Ralph Lauren Men’s Faxon Low Sneaker”) is referred to as the “Parent”. Each of the 63 variations is a “Child”. The Parent isn’t an item that can be purchased – it’s just the shared product information that applies to all of the Child items. Each of the Child items is an item for sale and must be listed with the specific variation (e.g., color, size) and offer information (e.g., price, quantity).

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