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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Reconnecting With Friends

Hi my friends, keeping in touch everyday is a good ancient custom, long before the telephone was invented.

Three links: Florile Bach

La dans:


despre mramures, la consulatul romanesc de aici, daca ai rabdare ma vezi si pe mine, video-taping.


Last but not least:

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P.S.Eu am toata gama; sunt 37 de flori. sunt extracte din plante suspendate in putin alcohol, vindeva tot felul de stari si emotii, traume psihice. Florile de Bethlehem sunt fff bune pentru conditia ta Incearca-les, sunt sigura ca sunt si in Baia Mare. Pupici
On 6/15/11 4:07 AM, Keltonic Maria wrote:
> M-am uitat la acest video.foarte incercat sa faci tratament cu uleiurile BACH?scrie-mi mai multe informatii,te rog.
> te pup cu drag
By the way B has tried to hurt my business reputation across the board. But none of my friends believe any of her accusations. As a matter of record, in my entire business
Life I have only been sued once with respect to business. It was a frivolous claim and I won a judgment in my favor.

You have read some of her letters.

It seems she spends much of her time emailing.

Last night she called 34 times and I did not answer any of her calls.

Her modus operandi is that she has met someone who is willing to invest tons of money into different projects but they wont because of me.

I have saved a few letters which establish the fact that she is an outright liar and manipulator.

Another of her habits is to issue bad checks. I have suffered by those checks resulting in OD's.

I just want to divorce her and get as far away from her as I can.


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